OSA keycap PBT medžiaga Žalioji stovykla spalvų atitikimo 215 klavišą dviejų spalvų liejimo procesas

Žymos: gk61 klaviatūra, anime klavišą sagė, centras kepurės, "macbook air, pelė razer, 98 klaviatūra, grandinės raktas, "logitech" pelės, kawaii keycap, teclados mecanicos.

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Šis produktas yra tik vienas iš svarbiausių bžūp, o ne klaviatūra

Žalioji stovykla OSA pagrindiniai bžūp PBT dviejų spalvų formavimo kamuolys bžūp priima naujas ergonomiškas OSA aukštis, kuris gali pasiekti patogu beldžiasi jaustis kiek įmanoma pagal prielaida didinti kontaktai.Visa tai PBT dviejų spalvų, su baudos kūrinys. [medžiaga] PBT dviejų spalvų kamuolys bžūp [aukštis] 1-2-3-4-5-5 [prisitaikyti] dauguma mechaninių klaviatūrų, beveik visi iš jų

  • Pilno Dydžio klaviatūra: Taip
  • Klaviatūra Standard: 87 Klavišus
  • Riešo Parama: No
  • Modelio Numeris: 215
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: NIZ
  • Kalbos: lietuvių
  • Tipas: Belaidžio "Bluetooth" Ryšio
  • Stilius: STANDARTAS
  • Pakuotė: Taip
  • Prašymas: Numeris
  • Sąsajos Tipas: USB
  • Veikimo Stilius: Mechaninė

These are nice set of PBT double shot keycaps which will fit practically any sized keyboard due to the huge amount of keycaps it comes with. The legends are clear to read, although some letters have a bit of thinner lines, for example on the "B" it is a bit noticeable if you are really nit picky about your keycaps. Other than this minor gripe, these are excellent for the price!
Key cap of color quality and pollution free, for the overall with satisfaction. Pollution is that long but Mote level game a few high, or key cap floor on contaminated, had used when invisible part is no matter. But the key cap stamping rotated for those few According mounting on tall-column is uneven. Colors for you satisfied and not only easy part labor for sure. Another key cap every height difference also have four. In addition to add by easy point is I used root-switch on body and clamping force is too strong, the key cap decoration when the power to me very much. Old root switch used in felines are you wish four key
Irina Gluhih
Good quality. Well packaged. Fast shipping. Has keys for Mac OS and some keys in different colors. Recommend!
Pe Yo Kute03
Very cool falls of the kid. I will not attach a photo of the whole assembly, for for it has not yet learned everything. There are no complaints to the caps (only the smell of plastic should be weathered and on this all). It feels like a true PBT, very pleasant to the touch. Even the coupon was put-on future purchases. And with regard to additional instructions about the parcel, the seller performed everything correctly.
Shabanov Konstantin
Complete this Pointe high finish good product! Thank you!

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