Naujas Keycap nustatyti AP02 AP08 AP11 " Macbook A1278 A1286 A1297 A1370 A1465 A1369 A1466 A1425 A1502 A1398 Klavišą dangtelis, Klaviatūros Remontas

Žymos: a1398 lcd, a1322 baterija, "macbook air, centras kepurės, Automobilio Raktas, etsy " macbook rankovės, a1502 macbook, kawaii keycap, a1369, klaviatūros keycap.

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Pavadinimas : Nešiojamas Keycap rinkinys su Laužtuvas

Modelis: AP02 / AP08 / AP11

Išdėstymas: US / UK / FR prancūzų / ispanų ES / RU rusijos / PT Portugues

DE vokiečių / DK danijos / SE švedų / CH Šveicarijos ir vengrijos HU

Taikomas Modelis : AP02 " Macbook Pro A1278 A1286 A1297

AP08/AP11 " Macbook A1370 A1465 A1369 A1466 A1425 A1502 A1398

Kokybės Būklė : Naujas OEM

Pakuotėje: 1 x keycap rinkinys

1 x Laužtuvas

  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Stilius: Fasion
  • AP08 / AP11 Taikomas Modelis: už A1370 A1465 A1369 A1466 A1425 A1502 A1398
  • Keycap Modelis: AP02 / AP08 / AP11
  • Punktas: Nešiojamas Pagrindiniai bžūp rinkinys
  • sąlyga: OEM Naujas
  • Modelio Numeris: AP02 / AP08 / AP11
  • AP02 Taikomas Modelis: už A1278 A1286 A1297
  • Suderinamas: Pakeitimo Keycaps
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Efixtree
  • Taikytinos Modeliai: macbook
  • Lytis: Unisex
  • Pakuotė: Taip
  • Tipas: Nešiojamas Rankovėmis
  • Funkcija: Tiesiog keycap komplektas (be Žirklių Cilps Lankstas)

Good quality keys. Packed all in the best possible form. Rearranged keys 1 and 2. there are no problems. The only negative is that there was no Esc key.
Quality product but do it is a little different from the original.
Love Angel1667
The keys are seen from a good material the only thing that the letters are really not the same as the of the original, they are finer, but the source is very similar. They come without the stabilizers, so you have to remove them from the original keys and switch them to these, but without further ado, it's not complicated. I recommend your purchase.
Came, used and this time I had choosen well the correct key type. Replaced 5, which was more of necessary. Options, left CTRL, B and M. All works nicely. Only the right option is getting stuck when I push it little more, dunno why, will investigate, when have time. Using it for my MBA Early 2015
Yhago Afh
Excellent keys. The UK version has £ and # on the 3 key. 10 day delivery took 16 days however.

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