Yasaka Originalus Yeo Japonija Euro Edithion Stalo Teniso Raketė Teniso Raketės

Žymos: plokštė redmi pastaba 8t, stiga ping pong ju, ping pong, yasaka po stalo tenisas, teniso raketė, penhold stalo teniso raketės, elastinės juostos teniso kamuoliukas, tabl tenni raketę, kamuolys ping pong, stalo teniso raketė csse donic.

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Yasaka Sporto YEO Stalo Teniso Rackt

Iš Europos Sąjungos Oficialusis

Įveskite greitai pulti su kilpa Ašmenys 5 medienos Storis 5.8 mm (vidutinis) Veiklos rezultatų

greitis 9+ kontrolė 8+


  • Modelio Numeris: 1
  • Baseboard Sluoksnis Skaičius: 5
  • Rankena Reiškia,: Tiesi Rankena
  • Dydis: 160*152mm
  • Kilmės: SE(Kilmės)
  • Svoris: Heavy Tip Light Handle (Offensive)
  • Apačioje: Gryno Medžio
  • Guma: NĖRA

The seller did not answer to my questions and at the end i recived a blade whithout serial number on it( i have asked if there is a serial number several times), the racket is not as descirbed, unless the collor, j.t.t.a.a sign is there but very suspicious so i don’t know if the racket is original, and approwed by the organisation. deffenetly not recommended seller, very slow and terrible communitation by the seller. The item was packed differently so i don’t know is that a general, japanese or euro edition, how should i know that?
Idiotos Pw Pegas
The goods are not original, fake. The seller did not want to send the goods for a long time. Then he said he was out of stock, but refused to pay back. After written that the original product is in stock. The base was about a month. As a result, fake for the Japanese version without packaging and authenticity codes on the basis. I do not advise anyone to buy.

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