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Iaido-Bambuko Kardas

Produktas turi 2 spalvas galite pasirinkti

pirminių spalvų

Bendras ilgis: 104 cm, ašmenų ilgis 70 cm, ašmenų storis 1,2 cm, ašmenų plotis 3.2 cm, rankenos ilgis 27 cm, dangalo plotis 4.3 cm, movos ilgis 76.5 cm, rankų apsaugas, storis 1,2 cm, rankų apsaugas, skersmuo 7.2 cm


Ilgis 101cm, ašmenų ilgis suma 67,5 cm, ašmenų plotis 3.2 cm, ašmenų storis 0.8 cm, rankenos ilgis 25,5 cm, movos ilgis 4.1 cm, movos ilgis 75.5 cm, handguard storis 0,7 cm, handguard skersmuo 7.5 cm

prekės informacija

  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Amžius: > 8 metų amžiaus
  • Lytis: Unisex
  • Dizainas: Kardas, Ginklas Kategorija
  • Matmenys: 101cm
  • Medžiaga: bambuko

Tania Kaplina
Hi everybody! Literally just the courier brought the parcel to the door. The product was well packed, as a gift the seller put a belt and fastening (which is very pleased!). There was also a funny note from the seller-he explained that Bokken was disassembled for the reason that in whole form he could not miss at customs. But he gathered perfectly, like a glove, there were no problems with it. Scratches, cracks-nothing was. The only thing that upset is the fragility of the sword-it is thinner and lighter than usual boxing times in 2-3 exactly. I thought it might break, but I didn't think it might break from the air strikes. Therefore, this box is not suitable for full shock training. It's a pity, of course, but okay :) They can work out receptions by air or in non-contact iaido, for example. Another minus was the duration of delivery-more than 60 days. In general, the order is satisfied-for 4 stars pulls. Seller responsive, thank you: 3
Limp Fanaticfreak
It came in a month and a half. All is well
Tuliolin A R
The order reached one and a half months before the Moscow region in perfect condition (I did not find any chips or damage), convenient courier delivery to the door (which is especially relevant in quarantine conditions) and a gift in the form of fasteners and a belt (visible on 1 photo and fastening for 4) very pleased 1) Katana herself is quite large and executed surprisingly qualitatively (2 photos can be seen, that even the imitation of the blade is). Collect need by yourself (Blade, tsuba and handle separately packed and connect tightly enough (so much, that I will not be able to disconnect them after the connection)), but in this there is no problem. The sheath is also qualitatively made with a decoration for decoration (one minus, that the braid itself is glued to the legs and if you change the position of the braid (up or in the side turn) 2) fastening and strap, which are included, sufficient quality (especially for such a price then (took for 3000 rubles)) and fastening, which and holds the sheath (4 photos), can be crossed to any belt Highly recommend this product
Kalash Nata
A good gift for a friend. Qualitatively painted. Full-size

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