5vnt/daug Robotas Dulkių siurblys HEPA Filtras iBoto Smart C820W Aqua Robotų Dulkių siurblys Atsarginės Dalys, Priedai

Žymos: okami u100 lazerio 2020 m., kilimų robotas dulkių, 360 s7 pro, hepa filtras, valymo hepa13 xiaomi, ca6903, neatsvor, robotas dulkių roller, vandens filtras, variklis robotas dulkių siurblys.

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Prekės komplektą sudaro: 5 vnt HEPA Filtras Punktas tinka iBoto Smart C820W Aqua Robotų Dulkių siurblys

  • Modelio Numeris: už iBoto Smart C820W Aqua Robotų Dulkių siurblys
  • Tipas: Dulkių Siurblių Dalys
  • Vakuuminis Dalis Tipas: Filtrai

Pachev Misha
Previously, the person correctly wrote, the filter is thicker than the native one by a millimeter, but it does not interfere with the work. I did some work. Others are better at this price No. I think we should also approach a similar vacuum cleaner Abir X6.
Not clear. Why the goods lay on the mail 12 days. As long as I find him there, he can't be brought home. If shipping is chosen?
The product does not identically resemble the original filter for iBoto Smart C820W Aqua. It's 1mm higher than original one, therefore the lid of device closes with tension. Also, amount of folds (affecting filtering capabilities) is lower than in original one. It seems you will have to replace it more ofter. See the comparison photos attached.
Mesubuddhi Shukla
Delivery to Yekaterinburg 20 days. The quality of the filters is excellent. For vacuum cleaner iboto c820w fit. Dimensions in width and length completely match the thickness of the product by 1mm thicker than 9mm instead of native 8mm. The lid of the vacuum cleaner container closes, but does not snap. At the same time, the robot works perfectly. The goods are satisfied. On the iboto website, the operator reported that 1 filter costs 400 rubles, and here it turned out at 162 rubles/piece. On the photo on the left is the product, on the right is a new native filter, which was included.

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